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July 31st - August 4th (Q&A)

Happy Monday to you!

Since August is the last month of summer for the kids, and a happy end of summer for the adults, we are doing some giveaways and a new section to our blog.

Our Contests:

Trivia will be posted on August 7th, and the winner of the trivia will receive a s'mores pack. The pack includes marshmallows, Hershey's chocolate, marshmallow roasters, and graham crackers.

For the kids:

Between August 11th-20th post your best cannonball to our LePier's Facebook page and the winner will receive a F'real prize.

The Summer Specials:

Monday (Mexi) - 2 beef tacos for $2.25

Tuesday ($5 burger basket) - Cheeseburger or Hamburger with fries and a pop

Wednesday (Chicken) - Boneless wings and coleslaw

Thursday (Wrap) - Any wrap $3.00

Friday (Burrito) - Chicken or beef supreme with pop $3.95

Our new section to the blog: This is a part of our blog where we ask Tami and Larry about different things they enjoy, like where they like to eat, where they want to travel, and more. These can become trivia questions for prizes so make sure you read this section.

What are Tami and Larry's favorite places to eat?


  1. Sparkling Waters

  2. Green mill

  3. 209

  4. Chop House

Grand forks

  1. Toasted Frog

  2. Buffalo wild wings

  3. Red Lobster

  4. Texas Roadhouse


  1. Ventures

  2. Clinic bar & grill

  3. Roadhouse

  4. Fireside bar & grill

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