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New Specials! (September 25th-29th)

Happy Monday!

This week we have new deli specials, and a little bit on how you can distress during the workday.

This weeks specials:

Monday: Turkey club on cranberry bread, and french fries

Tuesday: General TSO's with rice or low mein

Wednesday: Mashed potatoes, meatballs, and corn

Thursday: Grilled pizza, but if it rains, chicken drummie basket

Friday: Lasagna and breadsticks.

How to destress during the work day:

The work day can get stressful fast and put you and your coworkers in a bad mood. To prevent that here are a few things to help. Start your day with the tough stuff instead of leaving it to bother your mind all day, exercise; just take a walk around the block just so you get up and move for a little bit. Bring a favorite snack from home to boost your mood. Distract yourself for 5 minutes; go on Pinterest or catch up on Facebook, or Instagram. To help keep you motivated and have a fresh new take on the day, do a desk makeover. It will refresh the mood of your space and your motivation. Lastly you can give your eyes a break and take a minute to not look at your computer screen. You then can check you to-do list and or some new ideas you had.

Also remember to take time for yourself, even if it is 5 minutes to sit in silence.

Have a great week!

Thanks for reading,

The LePier Crew

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