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January 1st-5th

Happy Monday and a Happy NEW YEAR!

We hope you all enjoyed the Holidays and rang in the New Year with excitement, as we did!

This month is usually the coldest for us, so that means we are starting the new year with a new dedicated day to keeping you warm! We are calling it our "Warm up Wednesdays!"

Every Wednesday we are going to have 3 choices of Chili for you to choose from, regular chili, white chicken chili, and a spicy chili for those who like it a little hotter.

Also for those Ice skaters, or parents of, remember we have that Hot Chocolate deal Thursday through Sunday 7-9pm small and medium hot chocolates are only 25 cents!

This weeks specials:

Tuesday: Orange Chicken

Wednesday: Pork chops and cheesy hashbrowns

Thursday: Chipped beef, mashed potatoes, and peas

Friday: Hot beef sandwich

Everyone welcomes in the new year with different resolutions, most are only carried out for about a month if we are being honest. All of us say that we are going to work on losing weight and maybe see the gym once a week for a month, others say they are going to try travel more but just can't seem to find the right time. On a lot of social media sites, you see people saying or retweeting that 2017 wasn't their year, and that they aren't too optimistic for 2018, but we should be. We should really try make 2018 the year we do what we have always said we would. Make those recipes you have said you'd make for years, get those crockpot meals going, eat healthier if you can't get to the gym, declutter your home to jumpstart decluttering that brain of yours, start that hobby you have talked about, learn to knit, learn an old family recipe, spend more time focused on family, write out how you are going to reach theses goals you have for 2018, learn how to save your money, or invest it. 2018 should be the year we all need on our side, so get those resolutions started!

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