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August 21st - 25th

Happy Monday to you!

Most of those college kids start classes today, we would like to wish you all best of luck going back; or if you're just leaving for college best of luck with your first semester and starting a new chapter in your life!

We are slowly getting close to when school starts back up here, and I know some are ready and others aren't. For those of you that aren't, just be happy you aren't those college kids.

This Monday is your last day to submit those pictures to our wall of those kids jumping in and making the biggest splash they can! Don't miss out!

Summer Deli Specials:

Monday (Mexi) - Two beef tacos for $2.25

Tuesday ($5 burger basket) - Cheeseburger or hamburger with fries and a pop

Wednesday (Chicken) - Boneless wings, and coleslaw

Thursday (wrap) - Any wrap $3

Friday (Burrito) - Chicken or beef supreme with pop $3.95

App update:

We are just days away from being ready to get that app up and going smoothly for you guys! It has been a long road of being ready, then something comes up or something isn't working. Recently we just fixed a payment issue that was stopping costumers from being able to use their card when they order on the app. All that's left is menu changes, subway updating, and little bugs. Stay tuned for that release date! There will be prizes involved and so much more!

Topic of the week: Back-to-school!

Which parent are you? The one that waits till last minute to get things ready, or the one who has had it all planned out since the beginning of august?

--To the parents that wait till last minute, how last minute are you? Week? Days? the night of?

--To the parents that plan ahead, is everything set and ready to go now? Do the kids have their school supplies in their back packs already?

No matter what kind of parent you are, we all still manage to get them to school on the first day don't we? Some may be later than others but, hey that morning is tough on all of us.

I know there are a lot of kids that truly enjoy going back to school, what is there reason for that?

Then we all know those kids that throw literal tantrums because, they have to go back, how do you handle that?

If you are on Pinterest at this time of year, you usually see back to school pins. The one that keeps popping up is this "homework station" which is cute and interesting, has anyone done that? Does it work? We have also seen a lot of back to school lunch recipes or ideas, some are a little out there for a kid to eat. Any one trying anything new and fun for their kids' packed lunches?

Another suggested idea Pinterest had for back-to-school is morning routines, and that seemed a little funny because, most people already have morning routines. If you think about it, you don't even realize but you follow a certain routine most mornings on how you get ready. Some kids have a specific routine, and if you mess with it, it throws their whole day off and they get upset by it. Other kids just roll with the flow and whatever happens, happens till they get to school.

At LePier's we are wishing you the best of luck this school year, and to have fun!

Thanks for reading this weeks blog,

The Lepier's Crew

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