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September 4th- 8th

We hope you enjoyed your Holiday weekend, and are having a good Tuesday morning.

Happy back to school week to the kids, and of course the parents. We hope your summer was amazing and you are ready to take on another school year.

LePier's is praying for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the rescuers, God bless.

This weeks specials:

Monday (Mexi) - Two beef tacos for $2.25

Tuesday ($5 burger basket) - Cheeseburger or hamburger with fries and a pop

Wednesday (Chicken) - Boneless wings, and coleslaw

Thursday (wrap) - Any wrap $3

Friday (Burrito) - Chicken or beef supreme with pop $3.95

This month:

This month is cholesterol month, and we are here to inform you a little bit about it and some tips on how to keep it regulated.

Cholesterol comes from two different things, one is your body; more specifically your liver. The other is from the food you consume. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that isn't necessarily bad because, you need it to make cells; however, too much can become a problem.

There are two types of cholesterol, the bad which is your LDL or the good which is your HDL. Too much of one kind can cause a build up but too less can cause damage as well.

Mixed with other things cholesterol can cause a build up in the arteries of the heart, which makes them less flexible and if a clot forms it can cause a heart attack or stroke.

The American Heart Association recommends that everyone over 20 years old have their cholesterol check every four to six years. Your test will show you your cholesterol levels and your doctor can predict around a 10 year risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Your if your LDL level (or bad cholesterol) is low, that is considered a good for your heart. But a diet in high saturated and trans fat can raise you LDL which will start to cause problems. On the HDL lines, woman tend to have a higher level than men do.

All of this information and further information can be found on the link below or the American Heart Association website!

Thank you for reading our blog this week, see you next week!

The LePier Crew

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